Calling for news items for the ULA Newsletter Volume 15, Issue 1 (January-March, 2021)

ULA Editorial Board invites you to submit news items for ULA Newsletter Volume 15, Issue 1 under the following themes. Please note that this newsletter will cover the period from January-March, 2021.


  • Special Events: Workshops and training programmes 
  • Achievements and Awards: All university libraries’ and library academics’ achievements and awards 
  • Shines beyond the Horizon: News related to foreign trips, scholarships, fellowships, conferences, trainings, workshops and IFLA visits, collaborative projects 
  • Academic Contribution: Postgraduate, undergraduate or Diploma level LIS programmes, Information Literacy Teaching, Guest & Visiting Lectures
  • National Development/ Community Outreach
  • Research Contribution: Seminars/workshops/ lectures conducted to enhance research output of the faculties, postgraduates and undergraduate students, research project involved by library  academics, and research papers published
  • Quality Assurance steps carried out at the University Libraries.
  • Students Support Services
  • Any other news
  • Forthcoming Events of ULA

Please note that it is better to send the photographs separately and they should be in high quality. If not, it has to be considered to include in order to maintain the quality of the Newsletter.

Deadline of submission for news is 14th of May, 2021. Please submit your news items through the ULA representative of your university library or directly to